Teddie and I


Game Type: Narrative Driven 2.5D Platformer-Puzzle Adventure Game
Team: 40+ members (6+ programmers)
Roles: Director, Engineer
Technologies: PlayStation 4, Unreal Engine 4.19, C++
SpanApril 2018 – April 2019


  • Manage, guide, and inspire the team to ensure that the project remains true to the vision but on track and manageable
  • Coordinate with leads from varying sub-teams to ensure that they are operating efficiently and effectively
  • Work with the lead artist and art team to formulate a art style guide document to ensure that current and future artists maintain a consistent style and feeling
  • Cooperate with the lead designer and design team to document and further develop the main mechanics, create new ones, and ensure they tie in well with the narrative
  • Guide the narrative lead and his team to ensure that the story is enthralling and accurate to the vision, but appropriate given the delicate subject matters at hand
  • Oversee and provide direction for all voice over recording sessions to ensure that characters are represented faithfully and meaningfully
  • Draft all major technical documentation for the project to ensure that there is a proper plan for when production begins
  • Plan weekly sprints and task breakdowns for the engineering team to ensure that we remain on a timely schedule and address work by priority
  • Break down all major gameplay mechanics into a variety of systems for the engineering team to implement and ensure that they are manageable for the lifetime of the project
  • Lead all PlayStation 4 specific work utilizing my previous experience with the system and ensure we optimize to the architecture
  • Act as the face of the game and actively seek out opportunities for the project and the team as a whole

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