Mama Hawk


Game Type: 2D Arcade Game
Team (at the time): 4 members (2 programmers, 1 designer, 1 artist)
Role: Gameplay Programmer
Technologies: Unity, C#
Span: September 2016 – May 2017
Appeared At: PAX East, Playcrafting

[Official Website]


  • Spawn system with difficulty scaling
  • Database connected high score system
  • Powerup mechanic
  • Wall bounce mechanic
  • Tweaking player controls
  • Bug patching

Spawn System with Difficulty Scaling
Maximum enemy counts are controlled by a global system that monitors the number of enemies by type and total number of enemies. As the player scores points and moves up in level brackets, the maximum allowed of each type and total number of enemies changes thereby altering the difficulty.

Powerup Mechanic
Whenever the player catches a parakeet, the player becomes temporarily invincible and increases in both strength and speed. In the original implementation, this lasted for 30 seconds.

Wall Bounce Mechanic
Upon colliding with a wall, the player bounces off the wall in the reflected direction with a percentage of their original momentum. This addition made the game feel more dynamic and skill oriented.


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