Game Type: Top-Down 2D Stealth Game
Team: 3 members (1 programmer, 1 designer, 1 artist)
Roles: Co-creator, Lead Engineer
Technologies: Unity, C#
Span: July 2016 – January 2017
Appeared At: E3, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Pax Solaria, Playcrafting

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  • Waypoint patrol AI with a raycasted vision circle
  • Corrective 2.5D sprite layering
  • Permadeath tombstone mechanic
  • Player controls
  • Hydration mechanic
  • Hiding mechanic
  • High score table
  • HUD functionality
  • Various bug fixes

Waypoint Patrol AI with Raycasted Vision Circle
For the patrolmen’s AI, rather than using a simple circle collider for enemy vision, I chose to implement a radial ray cast to imitate their “line of sight.” In effect, the player is able to escape capture by hiding behind objects in the environment. The debug rendering of which is shown below.

Corrective 2.5D Sprite Layering
Objects in the game adjust their rendering layer when the player enters a certain trigger area so that they always appear to be correctly layered in 2.5D. This allows the player to overlap and interact with objects in a more realistic manner.

Permadeath Tombstone Mechanic
Whenever a player dies, a skeleton, referred to in the code as a tombstone, is left behind. When this happens, a persistent file is updated so that even if the game is restarted all previous deaths will still be marked on the map.

Hydration Mechanic
As a player walks throughout the level, they become dehydrated. If their hydration level reaches zero then they die but they can refuel by finding jugs of water scattered throughout the desert. Their current hydration level is signified by a jug shaped meter on the HUD and sound effects when they reach critical level.

Hiding Mechanic
While traversing the level, the player comes across swaying bushes. The player can hide inside of them by entering their trigger area at which point the player’s position will snap to the bush and the bush’s animation will change.