Pacman Clone (WIP)

This was originally my final project for CS 585: Introduction to Game Development. The instructions were to create a version of Pacman where instead of using power-pellets to kill the ghosts it would be a timed event; if there were no more ghosts then the player won.

While I was unable to complete the project in time due to a memory re-allocation glitch in my hash map that took far too long to find, I did learn a lot from this project. For one thing I learned to write modern C++ using 11/14; utilizing tools such as std::function and std::move to produce clean and efficient code. I also learned the utility of implementing custom allocators and container classes. Most importantly however, I gained a better understanding of gameplay programming through my implementation of the player and ghost controllers.

As it stands right now, I am working to finish the project. I intend to complete it before I begin attending USC in the fall.

Check it out here.
Build Requirements: Ubuntu 14.10+

The project current features the following:
– allocators
– container classes
– handle based resource manager
– nxn scene graph partition
– javascript parser/writer
– renderer
– level manager
– simplistic ghost ai

The todo list includes the following:
– animation (in progress)
– better collision interface
– better game code organization
– custom ghost ai’s

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