Grad School (USC Games Program)

As of two months ago, I started attending the Viterbi School of Engineering at University of Southern California to get my M.S. for Computer Science (Game Development). Although it has only been a couple of months, I can already tell that this was the right decision.

For one, most of the professors are incredibly knowledgeable in game development. For example, my professor for Game Engine Development is currently a graphics engineer for Naughty Dog and has worked on titles such as The Last of Us Remaster and Uncharted 4. For the first class, he actually showed us some of the things that he personally implemented into the game, which was awesome. Furthermore, the TA for that class currently works at Treyarch. In the M.F.A. program, Richard Lemarchand teaches game design using the vast knowledge he accumulated as lead/co-lead designer on the first three Uncharted games and the rest of his extensive background in the field. Needless to say, the program is not short on talented professors.

Second, the program has you solve relevant issues in the industry without pulling punches. For example, instead of simplifying to 2D math and physics the Game Engine course has you working with a full 3D engine that you are expected to modify. In the graphics course, you learn about even the lowest level components such as how pixels are drawn while coloring in triangles. Thanks to the extensive depth of these courses, I feel as though I am far more prepared for job searching and interviews.

Overall, I have to say USC has been the right choice for me and I am extremely excited to get to continue to be a part of this community.

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